Heart Heroes

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People who have disabilities from medical conditions, accidents, or even the aging process face challenges everyday.  Home Access Solutions works to minimize the barriers within our homes.  We work with people we consider to be heroes because they are determined to life fully and take action to make things better for themselves and others.

Recently we met Sondra and Kitty, two mothers who saw a need and stepped up to recognize Heroes within their family and circle of friends and it has blossomed into a vibrant organization, Heart Heroes.

CHD stands for "Congenital Heart Defect" and is an anomaly of the heart that is present at birth.  CHD causes one or more portions of the heart to develop abnormally.  There is no know cause for CHD, however it is the #1 birth defect and affects 1 in every 85 babies.  Twice as many children die from CHD each year than from all forms of childhood cancers combined.  Some babies may be diagnosed before or at birth, some not until day, week, months, or even years later.  Undiagnosed CHDS cause many cases of Sudden Cardiac Death in young athletes.  There is no cure, only lifelong treatment.  Early diagnosis is the key to survival.  Please tell your doctor, family and friends about this information and ask about newborn screening programs.  You might save a life!

These children laugh, play and enjoy life just like any child; however, what makes them our heroes is that they have experienced life-saving heart operations - unlike most children.  One would never know these children have endured lengthy hospitalizations and miraculous medical interventions.

Undergoing these complex medical procedures is a daunting experience even for adults.  For children, being alone without their family to comfort them amidst a crowd of medical professionals is  scary.  Heart Hero Capes were created  with the hope that all children visiting the hospital or their cardiologist will feel invincible wearing their cape – have super-hero powers - and that their parents will be comforted knowing that the arms that always protect them are momentarily being substituted with the super powers of the cape.

After seeing their children face the challenges of heart operations and cardiology appointments the moms of these heart heroes decided to create the opportunity for all children with CHD to have a Heart Hero Cape.

Go to the Heart Hero's website to learn more about the organization and to support Heart Heroes with your donation, or to request a cape for your own Heart Hero.